Travelled from Hiroshima to Tokyo today just in time to catch the last entry to the Ghilbli museum for the day. Sadly photography wasn’t allowed inside the museum, if it were there would be a couple of hundred shots as the place was awesome! Here’s some photos from places I was allowed to shoot:

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5800

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5803

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5813

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5822 1

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5823

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5826

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5824

Dec 06 2013 IMG_5828


Spent day in Hiroshima today doing loads of walking and getting about to see as much as possible. Here are some pics from today.

Around the hypocentre and peace park:

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5753

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5755

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5760

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5764

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5765

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5752

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5763

Hiroshima Castle:

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5769

Random street stuff:

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5774

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5776

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5777

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5775

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5782

And some trams and a ferry:

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5757

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5783

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5788

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5792

Dec 05 2013 IMG_5779


Heading back up to Tokyo tomorrow on the Shinkansen! :)



Day 5 – Travel Day

Travelled the 715km from Matsumoto to Hiroshima today via Nagoya and Osaka.

Missed taking a shot of the first train, the Shinano Wide View. It was a nice train, lots of window area, sadly the outer coating of the windows was deteriorated to a point that you couldn’t enjoy the scenery outside as it travelled through the mountains from Matsumoto to Nagoya.

My second train, the Shinkansen Hikari at Nagoya station (Shinkansen 700 series):

Dec 04 2013 IMG_5745


My third train from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima was a Shinkansen N700-8000 series trainset.

More pics tomorrow out and about in Hiroshima.


Traveled from Tokyo to Matsumoto this morning on the Super Azusa (ス-パ- あずさ) – awesome tilt train, though a little odd looking at first:

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5698

Once in Matsumoto, made use of the station’s コインロッカー (coin locker) facilities and was off to find Matsumoto castle. On the way I came across frog street:

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5716

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5717

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5715

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5714

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5713

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5711

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5710

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5708

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5707


and sky rats:

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5706

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5703

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5702

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5719

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5720 1

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5737

When I reached Matsumoto castle I met a very helpful local volunteer guide who showed me around the castle. Here are a couple of shots from outside of the castle:

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5733

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5731

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5727

After picking up my bag from the station I found the ryokan

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5739

Tea time

Dec 03 2013 IMG_5740



Day 3 – Final day in Tokyo before heading to Matsumoto and Hiroshima

Headed out to visit a giant robot, the Meiji Shrine and the Sensoji Temple at Asakusa

First the Meiji Shrine:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5644

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5641

Sake offerings:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5629 Dec 02 2013 IMG_5628


and French red wine:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5630


Funny how they only translated “No Smoking” into English:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5638

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5624

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5608

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5610

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5612

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5614

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5615

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5635

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5637 Dec 02 2013 IMG_5640

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5617

A walk from Harajuku to Shibua (photos in reverse order):

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5649

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5651

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5656

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5655

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5654

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5657

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5659

Then a 1:1 scale Gundam:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5662

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5665

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5666

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5674

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5668

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5671

and finally the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa:

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5676

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5679

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5680

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5682

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5685

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5687

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5692

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5694

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5695

Dec 02 2013 IMG_5697


Day 2 in Tokyo

Spent the morning visiting some new friends from Vietnam in the Takinogawa area, had a lunch of タコライス (not Octopus but actual taco filling on rice) followed by a visit to the closing day of the Tokyo Motor Show.

On the approach to the entrance gates were replica and custom cars:

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5559

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5568






Dec 01 2013 IMG_5567


Dec 01 2013 IMG_5563 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5561 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5558 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5557 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5556

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5566


Dec 01 2013 IMG_5571


Dec 01 2013 IMG_5572


Inside was huge but here are some random shots of the cars (and bikes):

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5606 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5598 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5596 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5593 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5589

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5590

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5585 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5583

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5578


Honda’s clean hydrogen technology in the form of a giant white baby statue with glowing eyes that pisses pure water:

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5576

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5586


Dec 01 2013 IMG_5605

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5602


Flying over the west of Japan


Random shots on the way into Shinagawa from the Narita Express

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5525 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5529 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5530


Visiting the Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー), the ticket acquisition process to go up was way too long for having not slept since the previous day so just admired it from ground level:

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5536 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5537 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5539 Dec 01 2013 IMG_5540

Headed to the less crowded substitute yet still awesome Tokyo Tower:

Dec 01 2013 IMG_5545

The creation and consumption of Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き):

IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0710 IMG_0711


Two days of awake time, good food and a couple of beers brought my first day in Japan to a very quick close upon returning to Omori.


Just some extra stuff from today’s 365 photo walk



I love walls where the rendering has broken off and exposes the bricks below

Building site

Chinese key cutting machine

Cement bags

Vietnamese music from the 90′s

Fruit vendor’s bicycle


Came across this great sandal the other night



Came across this great sandal the other night



Some building rubbish

Black Horse brand goodness

This guy’s gonna be pissed

Duo-toned Vespa

Like a boss (imitation Honda)





And more traffic (luckily I was on foot)

Awesome – shoes that can add 6 – 10 cm of height without anyone knowing…


Walking today to the pharmacy I noticed a lot of these contrasting textures and colours between the various parts of houses. Luckily it wasn’t an ill-equipped walk and I had my 5D with me

And an extra shot from last night:


Slow photo day today…


Headed out to shoot today’s 365 image and shot some extra stuff. Here it is:



Shot these whilst trying to get used to the battery grip on my 5D again, after 15 minutes the battery grip lost and was removed… Camera minus battery grip is much easier to move around and shoot with


Coffee shop has applied some new wallpaper to the outside wall:


Walked into Puku’s yesterday, saw a bunch of interesting sights and even shot some images of some of them


A bit of graffiti is appearing around the place, basic but a good start



Translation, don’t stand next to this huge digging machine or you might slip on a banana that’s inconveniently located between two offset floating boxes


Dumping the contents of their large pot




So today, after months of having a static page here that doesn’t do very much, I’ve decided it’s well and truly time to turn this blog into a blog, it’s original intended purpose. I post all over the place anyway, I think it’s time to actually concentrate my efforts in one place – it’s also part of my grand backup plan should Facebook and Google+ ever stop providing the required incentives to use their services.